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The Economist ran a review of Jerome Karabel’s The Chosen. Fascinating. Yet another nail in the cofin of the myth of American Egalitarianism.

Turns out that in the 1920s top American Universities where concerned by the proliferation of Jewish students. Not that they were racist, they were simply taking their economic responsibilities seriously. You see, in Colombia, so many Jew boys have entered that the nice rich protestants are now staying away. Solution? add character based selection. After all, we all know that Jews are “effeminates, the precious and affected, the unstable”, while private school boys were “virile, masculine, red-blooded he-men”.

Something like this –

Just to show that it was all business, in the 1960s the guvs were worried that the campuses might fall pray to racial riots. The sollution this time? Make it easier for black students to get accepted so that you can claim immunity by virtue of diversity. Unfortunatly, you can’t differentiate blacks by their manliness (or, maybe you’re afraid to), so a specific diversity clause needed to be added.


Written by yishaym

December 12, 2005 at 12:53 pm

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