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How Ubuntu saved my WinXP (and my day)

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excuse the extreme geeky digression.

I’ve been enjoying Ubuntu Linux on my laptop for the last couple of months. unfortunatly, I’m giving a talk that requires ToonTalk, which does not yet run on Linux. So I bit it, and installed winXP. And SP2. And enabled updates. and waited for them to download. and installed them. and checked for updated again. and had to install the new update service. and checked again. and waited for them to download. and installed. God I miss RPMs! You know, Linux, it’s so easy..

Anyway, just when I was happy, even had FireFox and Toontalk up and running, I foolishly went into disk managment and set the Linux partition to “active”.

I mean, you’de think that active means active, and boot means boot. no. I restart and get a “can’t load OS”. damn.

Don’t really feel like starting from square one, now do I?

No worries.

Insert the Ubuntu live cd, boot ‘er up, and open a terminal. Then:

> cd /dev

> sudo chmod a+rwx hda*

> parted

> (parted) set 2 boot on



Written by yishaym

December 13, 2005 at 6:57 pm

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