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George Michael Arrested for Making Gays Look Bad

by Fake Gay News Staff 03/01/2006

LONDON, ENGLAND – British pop singer George Michael has been arrested again this week, after a complaint was filed against him by the advocacy group Gays Refraining from Incidents of Public Embarrassment (GRIPE) in the wake of Michael’s arrest last week for drug possession, the latest in a string of less-than-savory incidents involving the 42-year-old pop star.

In 1998, Michael was famously arrested for lewd conduct in a Los Angeles public restroom after being spotted by an undercover police officer. He subsequently came out to the public as a gay man.

Last year, Michael announced publicly that he didn’t believe in monogamy, but would marry long time boyfriend Kenny Goss just to get the legal benefits.

Most recently, Michael was found slumped at the wheel of his Range Rover in London’s West End. When officers search the car, they allegedly found marijuana, liquid Escstasy, and a trunk full of sex toys and pornographic material.

That, says GRIPE spokesman Jim Pinkerton, was the last straw. The members of GRIPE separately but simultaneously called in complaints of disorderly conduct to the local police, gave them Michael’s address (“although the police said they didn’t need to write it down? noted Pinkerton), and watched with satisfaction as Michael was arrested at his home shortly afterwards, where officials found more illegal drugs, pornography, and a subscription to Sunglass Hut Magazine. Michaels was released shortly afterwards, however, when police discovered the “disorderly conduct? amounted to making gays looks bad.

Not bad. But actually, shouldn’t he be charged of giving humanity a bad name? Oh, that would be a nice category. Who would you file your complaint against?


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March 16, 2006 at 2:54 am

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