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More than he bargained for?

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Following Sharon's disengagement, president of the Jerusalem District Court Boaz Okon on Sunday issued a verdict stipulating that the Palestinian Authority fulfills the criterions to be legally considered as a state.

"One sovereign state does not rule over another sovereign state and does not put it on trial," Okon said in the verdict. "Even if one state does not recognize the other entity as a sovereign state it is not exempt from respecting the rights of that entity by force of international law."

 I'm no legal expert, but my logic says this is a major event. For example, it would appear to undermine any claim Israel may have to the legitimacy of assassinations in the Palestinian territories. In effect, Israel has the same freedom of action in the Palestinian territories as it has, say, in the Netherlands.


Written by yishaym

April 23, 2006 at 2:18 pm

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