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Itzik Shabbat, from Shderot, is the first refusnik of this round of madness:

“I know people will attack me and ask how could I not take part in this war when Qassams are falling on my hometown and Katyushas on the towns in the north,” he told Haaretz. “In my opinion, only this type of opposition that I’ve chosen will put an end to the madness that is going on now and will shatter the false feeling that the entire home front supports this unnecessary war that is based on deceptive considerations.” He added: “Someone has to be the first to break the silence and it will be me. It is a shame that my order was signed by another Sderot resident, Defense Minister Amir Peretz.”

I’ll sleep a little better tonight.


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July 20, 2006 at 2:50 am

Blog, people. blog.

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Lebnese Lady asks:

My beautiful country. A country that has been sabotaged by its location. How many times can we be burnt and resurrected? How many times can you be heartbroken, yet love again?

And Anatoly from Naharia comments:

Man, you are a poet. It`s kinda strange here too. The city is half empty, and all I hear is jets, coming and going. Well, and katusha explosions. Actually, I dont know if its worse in Beirut then here. We bomb much more, yes, but at least its precise, not a roulette like the katusha`s…

Jean asks Israelis to tell her (him?) how they see the Lebanese.

Zadigvoltaire spares no-one:

Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Israel are turning Lebanon into killing fields. My beautiful country is being burned by crazy ideologies. My Lebanon of joy is being eaten by human monsters. My kind Lebanon is being butchered in the name of religion. Our enemy Israel is killing us but at least its civilians are dying and it is paying the price of its military adventure, so is Hezbollah. But the cowards of Syria and Iran are sitting and watching civilians die and smiling cunningly.

Anonymous responds (among many others – from all over the world):

my name is yehonatn, i’m from isreal, i’m the enamy.
i spent two years un your contrey during my millitary service; and from top of the bufor tower- klaat a shkif, watched your buetiful land: the great tree coverd mountins, the litani river, sun sets that light the tzor sea, and the magical morning mists that cover it all; allowing you a taste of heaven as you inhale it.
i cry for you today and wish you life.

Jamal is angry and provocative:

So my Israeli friends, As angry and frustrated Olmert continues to cowardly kill civilians, I have no doubt you will find more creative ways to spin it and legitimize these killings. Go ahead convince yourselves that crushing a fleeing family is necessary for a safer Israel but believe me you are only fooling yourselves.

And among many angry responses, Lot says:

Dear Jamal, You are right. It is wrong to kill civilians. We are doing wrong things. Here, I have said it. One hour ago two little kids (Christians from Nazareth) were killed by a Hezbollah missile. Can you please tell us what do you think about it? Can you please admit that it was a mistake to let Hezbollah to have control over the south of Lebanon? Do you think Lebanese who are peace-lovers can do something about it? Do you think they want? I hope that those sad days will end, and better days will come. Lot, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

You can’t shoot people in blogs. You have no choice but to talk.

And listen. Judging by the cross commenting, Israelis and Lebanese want to hear each other, even when the message is hard.

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July 20, 2006 at 2:02 am

Productivity is futile

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Sitting in London, listening to Galei Zahal.

With every Katusha that falls on the Galilee, I shed two tears: one for the Israeli victims, one for the Lebanese victims of the inevitable retaliation.

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July 20, 2006 at 1:21 am