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Imad Shakur: Mabruk, Israel

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Imad Shakur is a member of the Fatah Revolutionary Council. In today’s Ha’aretz he writes:

The Israel Defense Forces are defeated, but the State of Israel is not. The IDF defeat comes from the fact that it did not, and could not, have achieved the goals it set for itself in this war. On the other hand, the state is not defeated, it lives on. Hence it is time for greetings: Mabruk.

Mr. Shakur calls on Israel to learn the lessons from this war, and accept what he sees as the only sustainable path: a two-state solution, based on the ’67 borders.

War is horror. This war is no exception. If anything good can come out of war, it is the recognition that you cannot resolve any conflict by force. That war is not a zero sum game, but a zero gain game: no one, ever, wins a war. There are only losers. I think the Palestinians have learnt this lesson, after years of armed struggle they may have regained their pride (in a bizarre way), but they lost almost everything else they had. Perhaps Nasrallah will learn a similar lesson, and finally accept his role in the Lebanese democratic system. Perhaps the Israeli leaders will learn that it is better to talk with your foes than assassinate them.

Like the Houshhash (bitter orange). If you cut it down to the ground, it will regenerate from its roots. If you transplant it wisely, it will bear sweet fruit.

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Written by yishaym

August 10, 2006 at 11:04 am

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