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Undead victims

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This came in the mail:

kana undead

As I said, the truth is bad enough.

Sorry, no details. Elighten me if you will..


Written by yishaym

August 16, 2006 at 2:50 pm

Posted in Israel, Lebanon, war

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  1. What exactly do you see? I see vey little.
    Well done for posting a fake (if indeed it is) photo. If it is verified, that was fake, it should be news. So should all the ‘fake’ news (spin) we hear daily on the media, concernig this war, and no doubt ten fold in the US and Israel. Do you read Robert Fisk’s reports? They are enlightening and come from a reporter (non arab, non muslim, non Israeli, non Jewish and non American) on the ground with a long expericence of Lebanon and the ME.


    August 16, 2006 at 9:20 pm

  2. Whilst the truth is bad enough, the media (unknowlingly but irresponsibly) exagerates it. Final death toll in Qana masacre according to Human Rights Watch (http://hrw.org/english/docs/2006/08/02/lebano13899.htm) is 28. Very different from 57 which is published below that photo.

    Check out these website for some further details:


    August 16, 2006 at 10:04 pm

  3. Jez – click on the image to see it bigger.

    If there’s one thing I’ve realized about the media through this war (not that this is really any news), its that they;re full of crap. Even when they’re not biassed, they tend to either simplify, or intesify hystria for the sake of rating, or distort, or all of the above. I tend to think that many seasoned reporters are no better informed and no more credible than your average blogger.

    As for Frisk, the little I’ve read didn’t aapear to be out of the scope of the irresponsible generalization I’ve just made.


    August 17, 2006 at 2:03 am

  4. rig-or mor-tis,
    [stiffness of death] the progressive stiffening of the muscles that occurs several hours after death as a result of the coagulation of the muscle protein


    August 17, 2006 at 9:08 am

  5. Could be rigor mortis, but this looks more like mortis veritas:

    (warning: this content will make you sick)



    August 17, 2006 at 2:17 pm

  6. I clicked on the photo: It doesn’t make it much clearer. Not clear enough to state, that it is a staged photo, especially given the possiblity of rigor mortis.
    On the other hand, there are numerous cases of media lies and omissions which you could post on. One example is the fact, that days before the kidnapping of an Israeli soldier by Palestinians, two suspected Palestian militants were kidnapped by Tsahal in Gaza. Hardly any media outlet clarified this when the Israeli soldier was kidnapped. The same goes for the fact, that Tsahal had made numerous incursions into Lebanon prior to Hezbollah kidnapping two Israeli soldiers. Did you point to this discrepancy? Is that not a form of lying? Just because it is not a clear lie, such as a fake or staged photograph, doesn’t make it less outrageous.


    August 17, 2006 at 7:25 pm

  7. I was in Lebanon, so i can say many people died…
    Media is with Israel…no with lebanon.
    but of course Israel didn’t suspend their attacks because this…
    Of course not.
    Look, they are not jewish, they are zionist!!!
    I hope that people, someday will see it clearly.
    And About Hariri…??
    Look, Who kill people without admit his fault is Israel, and America.

    the progressive stiffening of the muscles that occurs several hours after death as a result of the coagulation of the muscle protein

    P.S: I am a brazlian not an arabic! I am a Brazilian journalist.
    What means that i have no reasons, to push something to my side.


    October 4, 2007 at 2:24 am

  8. Carla,

    no one here is denying that is was a horrible war, that Israel had no business bombing or invading Lebanon, and that it was insensitive to the human life cost of its strategy.

    Sean says this is rogor mortis, and I accept that. I should have retracted this post and covered up my mistake, but that doesn’t seem right.

    Still, I do think we should all stick to the facts – they are bad enough. FUD, lies, and racist generalizations do not promote your causes – no matter how noble they are.

    By the way, (a) %80 of Israelis are Jewish. (b) I’m a Zionist, but I guess we’re not talking about the same thing when we say ‘Zionist’.


    October 4, 2007 at 11:21 am

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