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Saad Hariri hits east and south

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Son of assasinated PM and head of Lebanon’s largest parliamentary bloc hits back at Assad, while keeping an angry eye on Isreal. “The Syrian regime is exploiting the blood of Qana and Gaza and Baghdad to bring sedition to Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq. the Muhajereen Palace now deserves to be called the ‘Mutajereen’ palace.”

‘Muhajereen’ is the presidential palace in Damascus, while ‘Mutajereen’ means exploiters.

Hariri ralied Lebanese to stand behind their goverment, and resist all foreign attempts to destabalize the country. Hariri seems to be expressing widespread anger following Bashar Assad’s bizzare speach, durring which the latter called Lebanese pro-democrats ‘traitors’, and was acompanied with a ‘spontenous’ response from a Lebanese lady which was transmitted at studio quality.

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August 17, 2006 at 12:27 pm

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