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Can’t buy me love

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but who said money can’t make you happy?

12:11 me: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/6250189.stm

12:12 J: i would love to see statistics for other things on banknotes just for comparision, say parsley

 me: some things I rather not know.

12:13 and I’m not talking about parsley

 J: i don’t doubt that their isn’t a mayjor drug problem in ireland, but i’m not convinced this is the way to prove it

12:14 🙂 to be honest i did tone down my preferred alternative sample because gtalk is keeping records

12:15 me: I don’t know if its any worse than any other western European country. it could just be that cocaine is a very resilient substance. I just find it amusing, even the idea that someone thought of testing this


 J: it’s big news over here, no 1 story etc

12:16 i’d love to be the kind of researcher who gets to test for odd things like that

12:17 me: I can see these guys sitting in a pub saying ‘hey, I bet that half the notes in that cashier would test positive for coke’

12:18 J: 🙂

 me: but I think, given people’s habit to sniff in public toilets, maybe testing for other substances would reduce the attractivness of coke

12:19 if you only new what was going up your nose..

 J: very true

Another point made by N. – to sniff you need fresh notes.


Written by yishaym

January 13, 2007 at 5:29 pm

Posted in drugs, science

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