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Save Borough, or: Money vs. local community, who’s side are you on

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In the right hand corner:

In 1987 British Rail proposed building a new concrete and steel rail viaduct through the historic Borough High Street Conservation Area – the scheme required demolition and part demolition of 20 listed buildings, the Green Dragon court, and part of the market roof. Assisted by a legal team of seven including three barristers, plus thirteen specialist witnesses

In the left hand corner:

Local community groups – Cathedral Area Residents Association (CARA) and Bankside Residents Forum (BRF) opposing the Thameslink 2000 upgrade through the Borough Market area. Assisted by a lawyer and a barrister, a transport expert, an historian (all working pro bono) and 10,000 petition signatories.

Round one:

The Government (Department of Transport and the Department for Communities and Local Government) has given permission and legal powers to Network Rail for this massively destructive project to build an additional viaduct through the Borough Market area.

Now it’s your turn.


Written by yishaym

January 26, 2007 at 1:35 am

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