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Yishay Garbasz, “in my mother’s footsteps”

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Hey, I have a guest post:

the last 3 years i have been working on a book titled “In My Mother’s Footsteps” which is a project I did as a Thomas J Watson Fellowship.I had a show of some of this project at the noorderlicht 2005. and there will be a show in Chiang Mai museum of art as well as the National Gallery in bangkok in 2008. there is likely to be a show in 2009 with the national museum in Osaka as well.

I used a large format camera with colour film as I retraced the early years of my mother’s life during World War II. I followed her footsteps through the Holocaust in an attempt to understand what it had meant to her, and what it meant to our relationship as mother and son going from one generation to the next. I chronicled the details of her daily existence, which included her escape from Berlin, Germany to Groningen in Holland, and then her eventual Nazi capture. In all, I travelled through four countries as I followed her account of survival being moved among five different concentration camps, including the historic “Death March” of winter 1944, on her way to the Bergen-Belsen camp.


Read the full story…



Yishay is having a hard time getting any publisher to look at my work, so if you have any tips / contacts, call him:



Yishay Garbasz



Written by yishaym

May 30, 2007 at 11:46 am

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