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I want night googles!

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I was reading on Slashdot that –

“Recent commentary at Nature Climate Change describes an on-going debate about the energy savings associated with the background colors used by high-traffic websites such as Google and the NYTimes. A back of the envelope calculation has suggested energy savings of 750 Megawatt hours per year if Google switched their background from white to black. In response, a new version of Google called Blackle was created. However, other calculations by the Wall Street Journal suggest minimal energy savings.”

And I’m thinking, what could be easier than for google to put a ‘night vision’ checkbox on iGoogle? Or in the preferences page? iGoogle is my home page, and my personal portal to the web. So I spend a lot of time there. Also, the setting could be applied to gmail, docs, etc.

And if not google, then maybe someone could make a firefox extension for this?


Written by yishaym

July 27, 2007 at 12:47 pm

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