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Christmas Sameach II

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I’m not in any way a fan or supporter of MR. But this piece is such a classic, I had to steal it:

For Whom the Bells Jingle
by Susie Day

This time of year, when cute reindeer
And ruddy-suited Santa
Inspire shoppers everywhere
To spend more than they’d planned-ta

We’d like to glean for MRZine
The money Santa draws,
But we are godless communists
And can’t appear bourgeois

This time of year, when Season’s cheer
Means Jesus and things votive,
We stand as godless communists
And shun the profit motive

Day after day, we’ve had no pay
Yet covered Revolution
And why Iraq is boiling-hot
And how Iran is in a spot
And whether Cheney should be shot
And other apt solutions

O there are times, we must confess
To harboring a whim — we
Like to picture old Karl Marx
Sliding down our chimney

Old Karl would give us tips on stocks
On Bechtel and Blackwater
And tell us how to buy them out
To stop the Mideast slaughter

But we are godless communists
And dreams are overrated
We know that from production’s means
We are alienated

Yes, we are godless communists
And we need money bad
So at this time we’re forced to turn
To you, our dear comrade

We are so poor, we’re on the floor
We’re begging for our future
Please give to us —
Our chops we’ll bust
Continuing the lucha

[To stop this dreck, please send a check
For we’re not indestructible —
Or give online; both ways are fine:
Your gift is tax-deductible]


Written by yishaym

December 31, 2007 at 2:40 pm

Posted in hacktivism, LOL

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  1. Hey Yish, followed you from RT. Thanks for the link, very interesting. . The conceptual metaphor is already within the realm of an abstraction, dead in the water! By looking at language we can indeed dig around for meaning within the process of conceptualization although my point was more about the percept or the original object/experience.

    Not to quibble though it is all relevant and this medium makes for a much diminished form of communication when all is said and done! So here is a 08 wish for you, be healthy and stay away from those Santa’s who are faking it! Alan


    January 2, 2008 at 11:12 pm

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