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mySociety: Make us a ‘How to Do FOI video’ and win a hoodie

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MySociety are my heroes. They are the archetypical UberGeek hacktivists, and they get things done. Things like WriteToThem, TheyWorkForYou, FarmSubsidies, unDemocracy and WhatDoTheyKnow.

And today they want your help:

Today we’re launching the hastily named WhatDoTheyKnow Video Challenge. We want you to make short videos (max 2 mins) in which you explain in a clear and friendly way how to file successful FOI* requests. We’re not expecting Hollywood production values, just a friendly face and a good explanation would do fine. If you can do funny, splendid.

‘Cmon. let’s see those sweeding skils.

(digg story)

*: Freedom of information


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