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The First Cup
All read:
Thank you, (God), for providing us this weed. With it we can forget things that we need help forgetting. With it we may gain an important illusion of critical distance, but possibly we will just get stupid. So let us not trust in this crtical distance, for the more we smoke it, the smaller the chance we will find it, and the greater the chance that we will whirl around in a paranoid, neurotic feedback loop. A paranoid, neurotic feedback loop. A paranoid, neurotic feedback loop. With it we make pretty things, and think they are much prettier than they actually are. Look at the blinky it’s blinking it’s blinking OHMYGOD PONIES! We will try not to smoke pot all the time and forget about You, d00d, but You probably should have had the foresight to
make it act in a way that makes You prettier also. Though, on further reflection, there have got to be some God-lovin’ hippies out there who believe that it does. So let us say, (‘Hence The Irony!’)

In case you misplaced your Hagada, intentionally or not. Courtesy of F.A.T. labs. (HT Xeni)

חג שמח!






Written by yishaym

April 19, 2008 at 10:59 am

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