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Wellington Chibebe and Lovemore Matombo need your face

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This just in from John Wood and Derek Blackadder:

Subject: Your mugshot could make a difference!

Hi everyone!

Derek and I would like you to send us a photo of yourself.

We want it as the two leaders of the Zimbabwean unions, Wellington Chibebe and Lovemore Matombo were arrested for talking about the political situation in Zimbabwe on May Day and are going to be tried for ‘spreading falsehoods prejudicial to the state’ this coming Monday.

The idea is of course to shut them up over the course of the re-run elections. They are out on bail, but are prevented from appearing in public or making public statements, in contravention of their human rights, and they’re being very brave in going voluntarily into court next week even though they are no strangers to being really badly beaten up in police custody.

There are demos being called now in a number of countries (inc the UK) on Monday, and to help get some more attention to their case, we are trying to make a giant photo mosaic portrait of them, made up of supporters’ photos from all around the world. So we have only 2 days to get as many mugshot photographs as possible.

Your photo would end up 1 inch square on a big mosaic at the London demo, and we’ll be using the image for as much media and publicity as we can get with it. The idea is that if they are being prohibited from appearing in public, international solidarity from thousands of people around the world can make them “appear” around the world on Monday.

If you’d like to support a fairer environment for the coming elections in Zimbabwe, please help out by sending a mugshot photo of yourself to zim@tuc.org.uk or MMS it to 07546 229055, and circulating this to friends or colleagues who you think might be willing to help out too.

Best wishes and many thanks for helping!  🙂

Read more on the TUC site



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