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open letter to Obama

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An anonymous open letter to President Obama, from a member of Machsom Watch.

MachsomWatch, in existence since 2001, is an organisation of peace activist Israeli women against the Israeli Occupation of the territories and the systematic repression of the Palestinian nation. We call for Palestinian freedom of movement within their own territory and for an end to the Occupation that destroys Palestinian society and inflicts grievous harm on Israeli society.

Contributions to MachsomWatch can be made by

Direct Bank Deposit

Women’s Fund for Human Rights
Acct. 423429
Branch 568
Bank Hapoalim
33 Achimeir Street
Tel Aviv 69492

Tax deductible donations may be made through

Cheque to the “New Israel Fund”, earmarked for “MachsomWatch”

New Israel Fund
P.O.Box 91588
Washington , DC
20005-1588 USA

New Israel Fund
26 Enford St
London WIH 2DD


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January 20, 2009 at 7:06 pm

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