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Dear Tracey,

Thank you for your advice. Unfortunately, the first part of it repeats a previous conversation, and is therefore not very helpful. Repeating a statement twice does not make it true (although according to Lewis Carroll, trice does).
As for the suggestion that I send you a screen shot, regretfully I do not own a time machine, nor do I capture my screen continuously, and thus have no way of retrieving a screen shot from three weeks back.

best regards,

– Yishay


2009/1/27 Web Customer Support <WebCustomerSupport@nationalexpress.com>

Dear Mr Mor

Thank you for your email regarding seat reservations.

Seat Reservations need to be made at the same time of booking, and the website does give you this option to opt in to reserving on your preferred services.

If you would like to reserve seats now, you will need to take your tickets into a station.

as stated in your email that you selected the seat reservation for the outward and return journey could you please send in a screen shot so we can look into this fault further.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.



national express Web Support

PO Box 1207

Newcastle upon Tyne

NE99 1JH

Tel: 08457 225 111

Email: webcustomersupport@nationalexpress.com

Monday-Sunday 0800-2000


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