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letter from the past

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I’ve been invited to speak at an event on “post-Gaza war situation and how Jews here and in Israel can help secure a just peace” (details soon). As part of the preparation, I was asked about my service & refusal. So I googled a bit and dugg up this letter.

But you know, whatever I did pales in the face of the shministim.

A ‘Refusenik’s’ Thank You – 5 More IDF Solders Jailed Today
From Peretz Kidron, 26 April 2002

Dear friend,
Below we include a letter from Yishay Mor, just out of jail. The letter speaks for itself. All the more reason then to attend the VIGIL FOR THE REFUSENIKS AT ATHLIT PRISON, this Saturday April 27, at 4:00 p.m., sponsored jointly by Yesh Gvul and Ometz Lesarev (“Courage to Refuse”).
Meeting point: Bet Oren turn-off, the old Haifa-Hedera highway Transportation: Jerusalem (Binyanei Haumma) 1:30 Tel Aviv (Rakevet Tzafon – Arlozorov/Namir) 2:45 There will be transport from the vigil to the TEL AVIV PEACE MARCH (7:00)
==== From Yishay Mor
Excuse me for not writing to each and every one of you personally. Believe me — I planned to. However, the amount of support I got was so overwhelming that it is practicably impossible.
Last Sunday I was released from my 28 day sentence for refusing to serve in the occupied territories. I am sure I need not explain the motivation for my refusal, but I’m not sure all of you realize how hard a decision it was. As confident as I was, and still am, in my act of disobedience, it goes against my upbringing, my way of life, and my feelings of loyalty.
For the last 12 years I have been a soldier and a commander in a highly praised reserve infantry unit. I am proud to belong to this unit. The hardest part about deciding to refuse was the feeling that I am betraying my friends. In almost all cases I witnessed, my comrades handled the most delicate situations with utmost professionalism and humanity. Yet, as morally as you wage war you cannot wage a moral war. I have not a single word of complaint against my fellow soldiers. The guilty ones are those leaders who sent us to missions that will taint our souls forever.
While in prison, I drew endless strength from the support I received. It is very frustrating to be locked away, seeing your country going down a dark ally, and feeling unable to act. The letters and other messages I received made me feel my act was not in vain. Thank you all!!!
There are circa 40 refusniks in military prison today. Support them. They need it, and they deserve it. Write to them and to their families, call and see if they need help. Come to the rallies outside the prison. Most of all, help them by doing the things they cannot do. Pick one refusnik, and every day he (or she) is in prison, do something to end the occupation.
Hoping for better days,
– Yishay Mor

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January 29, 2009 at 3:30 am

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