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Judaism is Linux

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This is a response to Heather Gold’s Microsoft = Christian, Apple = Jews.

Judaism is really Linux:

  1. There’s 100s of commands, most users don’t know half of them and don’t understand half of those.
  2. Maintenance can keep you busy from the second you open your eyes until the second you close them again.
  3. It doesn’t do marketing. If you want to buy in, you need to convince us that you’re good enough.
  4. Every user and his sister have their own customised version.
  5. At the core, its text based. Have a question? RTFM.
  6. Ok, we’ll give you a friendly interface (Ubuntu / Reform).
  7. You won’t believe the bizarre ideas people still have about us (no, I don’t speak Yiddish, and I don’t compile my own kernel).
  8. The vendors suck, but you can always rely on the community.
  9. Everybody copies our code.
  10. Arrogant? no, we’re just better. But sush. Don’t want to upset anyone, do we?

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February 15, 2010 at 2:38 am

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Harry’s place shut down for ousting an antisemite

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Update (sept. 05): now its in the papers, so it must be true.

Eric Lee reports that Harry’s place, a popular British left-wing blog, had the wire cut by its ISP after posting the details of Jenna Delich, a Sheffield based academic who in the course of discussing the academic boycott of Israel on a trade union mailing list linked to the website of American KKK leader, neo-Nazi and Holocaust-denier David Duke.

So here’s me making the same accusations, posting the same picture. Sue me too.

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September 4, 2008 at 3:08 pm

Ma Nishtana

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The First Cup
All read:
Thank you, (God), for providing us this weed. With it we can forget things that we need help forgetting. With it we may gain an important illusion of critical distance, but possibly we will just get stupid. So let us not trust in this crtical distance, for the more we smoke it, the smaller the chance we will find it, and the greater the chance that we will whirl around in a paranoid, neurotic feedback loop. A paranoid, neurotic feedback loop. A paranoid, neurotic feedback loop. With it we make pretty things, and think they are much prettier than they actually are. Look at the blinky it’s blinking it’s blinking OHMYGOD PONIES! We will try not to smoke pot all the time and forget about You, d00d, but You probably should have had the foresight to
make it act in a way that makes You prettier also. Though, on further reflection, there have got to be some God-lovin’ hippies out there who believe that it does. So let us say, (‘Hence The Irony!’)

In case you misplaced your Hagada, intentionally or not. Courtesy of F.A.T. labs. (HT Xeni)

חג שמח!





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April 19, 2008 at 10:59 am

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An unlit candle: half-minded

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So now we’re asked to place an unlit candle at the Seder table, to remember the sufering of the people of Tibet. (ht Velveteen Rabbi)

And my first reaction is yes, of course, and tell all my friends about it. But then I think.

And what about the people of Gaza?

Next thing, I think what about the orange?

So we have a candle for Tibet, an Orange for gay people, this is becoming a chad gadia..

I don’t know. I really don’t know.

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April 16, 2008 at 12:36 am

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Oi, here we go again (or: boycott, yes, but do it right)

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Engage tells us that the national executive of UCU backs new boycott proposal. Engage give a very well-thought review of why the boycott is morally wrong and strategically stupid. I won’t repeat their arguments – go read them yourself. You should also read Shuli Dichter‘s account of why the Supreme Monitoring Council, the most broadly representative umbrella organization of the Arabs of Israel, directors of Arab non-profit organizations and the joint associations of Arabs and Jews did not accede to the boycott calls, despite the pressure they were under to do just that. Shuli is the co-director of Sikkuy, the Association for the Advancement of Civic Equality. His view is shared by Mohammad Darawshe, the Abraham Fund’s Director of Development for Europe and Israel. When asked recently, his response was clear and simple: the boycott is stupid, harmful and cheap.

And here’s a twist of historical humor: this news of a fresh attempt to boycott Israels bastions of forward thinking come at the same week when we are flooded with rabid rabbis calling for discriminant and even violent action against Arabs. What better illustration of the ludicrous hypocrisy of the boycott campaign? I mean, if you really care about anything other than your smug sense of moral superiority, your pleasures of intellectual colonialism, how about boycotting Dov Lior and Shmuel Eliyahu? Or better yet, supporting the Abraham Fund in taking legal action against them?

Christmas Sameach

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I was the Jewish kid in kindergarten who, when asked if Santa was going to leave me any presents, responded “Who is Santa Claus?” My friends explained, and I said “are you stupid? You really believe that a fat man in a red suit with flying reindeer leaves you presents? Your parents buy you the presents, duh.” After having officially ruined Christmas for the entire class, everyones parents called my parents, and I had to go to the mall to sit on Santa’s lap, as a form of cultural sensitivity training. So on Christmas Eve, we went to the mall…standing in line, I was completely freaking out, and my Mom asked why I didn’t want to sit on the scary looking guys lap. I told her that I didn’t want to sit on the wierd Rebbe’s lap…my mom laughed and explained Santa some more, and what Christian people believed, and I calmed down a little. So, when I went to sit on Santa’s lap, he asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I told him, nothing, I am Jewish. So, Santa leaned in and whispered in my ear, “me too.”

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December 21, 2007 at 4:09 pm

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Jew on this

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Two friends have alerted me today to a petition demanding that google delist a certain hate site which comes up when you search for the word Jew. That site is clearly a poorly done, pathetic obnoxious hate site. Yet I have a problem with the idea of tampering with search results, even in a case like this. Google have added a note on the top of the page, which I think is just about as much as they should do.

But hey – this is the age of participatory media right? we are the internet. we can change the search results easily. All you need is Jew, Jew, Jew, Jew, Jew, Jew, Jew, Jew!

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August 2, 2007 at 2:56 pm