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Curriculum Vitae – Yishay Mor


Ph.D., Education, candidate, Institute of Education, University of London, England

M.Sc. Computer Science, Cum Laude, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, November 1995.

B.Sc. Mathematics and Computer Science, Cum Laude, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, January 1992.

Professional Training

Authorized Java® instructor, SUN MicroSystems, December 1997


Institute of Education , (London), August 2002 – ongoing

Project partner, the Pattern Language Network.

Research officer, WebLabs, Learning patterns, CoMo, formative e-Assessment.

Cisco Systems , (Herzlia, Israel) January 99 – August 2002

System Architect, Team Leader, Senior software engineer, Java® and UI specialist.

J-Shop Java and web consulting, (Jerusalem, Israel) April 97 – Present

Owner, Chief Engineer, Consultant

AgentSoft Ltd. (Jerusalem, Israel), March 96 – April 97

Engineering group leader

CS Dept. The Hebrew University (Jerusalem, Israel), October 95 – March 96

Course designer & Instructor

RatioLab: Experimental Economics and Social Psychology Lab, The Center for Rationality and Interactive Decision Theory at The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, February 95 – March 96

Chief programmer and software manager

Center for Instruction of the Sciences, Hebrew University, March 93 – February 95

Co-author, Software design textbook

CS Dept. The Hebrew University, October 93 – February 95

Teaching Assistant

Beit Shemesh community learning center, September 90 – June 91

Designer and instructor, after school mathematics course for children


Eshkol grant, 1995, Israeli ministry of science.


Mor, Y. & Winters, N. (forthcoming), ‘Participatory design in open education: a workshop model for developing a pattern language‘, Journal of Interactive Media in Education.

Winters, N.; Mor, Y. & Pratt, D. (forthcoming), The distributed developmental network – d2n: a social configuration to support design pattern generation, in Peter Goodyear & Simos Retalis, ed.,’Technology-enhanced learning: Design Patterns and Pattern Languages’, Sense Publishers, Rotterdam.

Niall Winters and Yishay Mor (2008). IDR: a participatory methodology for interdisciplinary design in technology enhanced learning. Computers and Education, 50(2) 579-600, Elsevier.

Yishay Mor, and Richard Noss (2008). Programming as Mathematical Narrative , International Journal of Continuing Engineering Education and Life-Long Learning (IJCEELL) 18(2): 214-233.

Yishay Mor and Niall Winters (2007). Design approaches in technology enhanced learning. Interactive Learning Environments, Taylor & Francis, 15(1):61-75. PDF

Yishay Mor, Richard Noss, Celia Hoyles, Ken Kahn and Gordon Simpson (2006). Designing to see and share structure in number sequences. the International Journal for Technology in Mathematics Education, 13(2):65-78, 2006. PDF

Mor Y., Hoyles C., Kahn K., Noss R. and Simpson G. (2005). Constructing Structure In Number Sequences, Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Technology in Mathematics Teaching, Bristol, UK, 26 – 29 July 2005

Mor, Y., Tholander, J. and Holmberg, J. (2005). Designing for cross-cultural web-based knowledge building, Proceedings of The 10th Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) conference, Taipei, Taiwan.

Matos, J. F., Mor, Y., Noss, R. and Santos, M. (2005). Sustaining Interaction in a Mathematical Community of Practice, Proceedings of Fourth Congress of the European Society for Research in Mathematics Education (CERME-4), Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Spain.

Mor, Y. and Noss, R. (2004). Towards a narrative-oriented framework for designing mathematical learning, presented at the CSCL SIG First Symposium, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Mor, Y., Hoyles, C., Kahn, K., Noss, R. and Simpson, G. (2004), Thinking in Process, Micromath 20 (2).

Mor, Y. and Sendova, E. (2003). ToonTalking about Mathematics, in I. Derzhanski, N. Dimitrova, S. Grozdev and E. Sendova (Ed.), History and Education in Mathematics and Informatics, Attracting Talent to Science; Proceedings of the International Congress MASSEE 2003, september 15-21, Borovets, Bulgaria

Feinstein, Y., Goldman, C. V., Mor, Y., & Rosenschein, J. S. (1997). Relevancy Ranking of Web Pages Using Shallow Parsing, Proceedings of the Practical Application of Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (PADD97). London, UK.

Goldman, C. V., Mor, Y., & Rosenschein, J. S. (1996). Courtz: An Agent that Pleases You, Proceedings of the First International Conference on Practical Applications of Intelligent Agents and Multi-Agents Technology (PAAM96). pp. 837-842, London, UK.

Mor, Y., & Rosenschein, J. S. (1995). Time and the Prisoner’s Dilemma, Proceedings of the First International Conference on Multiagent Systems (ICMAS95). pp 276-282, AAAI Press / MIT Press, Menlo park, California,

Goldman, C. V., Mor, Y., & Rosenschein, J. S. (1996, 1996). Learn your Opponent’s strategy (in Polynomial Time)!, Proceedings of the Workshop on Adaptation and Learning in Multi-Agent Systems, IJCAI95. Montreal, Canada, August 1995. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence Vol. 1042, G. Weiss and S. Sen (Eds.) Springer Verlag, 1996.

Mor, Y. (1995). Computational Approaches to Rational Choice (unpublished Msc thesis) CS dept, Hebrew University.

Brandes, O., Cohen, R., Komar, M., Mor, Y., & Vilner, T. (1995, 1996). Software Design (high school text book), The Center for Science Education, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.

Software patents

Gadi Berman and Yishay Mor (2007). Techniques for generating software application build scripts based on tags in comments (US Patent 7,222,333).

Yishay Mor (2007). Techniques for binding scalable vector graphics to associated information (US Patent 7,210,095).

Yehoshua Hershberg and Yishay Mor (2006). Techniques for binding an application with a data exchange format based on tags in comments (US Patent 7,155,705).

Yishay Mor and Kfir Waldman (2002). Method and system for providing a single object instance per client-server session (US Patent 7,107,575).


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November 21, 2005 at 2:04 pm

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  1. Hi Yishay,

    Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sophie Le Masson, I am working for Google within the European Recruiting Department. I came across your profile on the Web and I would like to have a short conversation with you to see if you would be interested in knowing more about us and the job opportunities we can offer in Europe and in Israel.

    Could you give me some dates and times as well as the best phone number at which I can contact you?

    Hope to speak to you soon.

    Happy New Year,


    Sophie Le Masson
    Sourcer EMEA

    38 avenue de l’Opera, 309E
    Paris, 75002 France

    (0033) 1-42-68-55-11 (office)

    Google is hiring!! Please visit: http://www.google.com/intl/en/jobs/international.html

    Sophie Le Masson

    January 16, 2007 at 6:04 pm

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