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SOS – geeks needed!

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Update, June 16

Important! read #iranelection cyberwar guide for beginners

and How to setup a proxy for Iran citizens (for Windows!)

I’ve removed the gadget from my sidebar.

Original post

Iranian protesters are using any means possible to co-ordinate actions, gather and share intelligence, and provide the world with a constant stream of documented real-time information. They are twittering live from the clashes in the student halls and the protests on the street, posting images and videos of events as they unfold.

The Iranian authorities are doing all they can to block communications. SMS is blocked, websites hacked or firewalled, TV and Radio are obviously useless.

The protesters need constant supply of proxy servers. These servers are used to bypass the government blocks on Internet sites and messaging services. Of course, once the addresses of these servers are made public, its only a matter of time until the government blocks them. So its a constant race. There’s a chicken & egg problem here, in order to get the proxy server addresses you need to have an open communication channel.

Many people are using twitter to share the addresses of proxies as they emerge. What we need is a mechanism which would allow mass sharing of these numbers. Here’s a simple scenario: someone sets up a service which collects proxy server announcements from twitter and posts them on a site, with an outgoing RSS feed. that feed can then be syndicated and embedded in any site around the world, thus replicating the information and making it hard for the goverment to block it.

Should be easy for someone with the right skills & infrastructure, no?


I just posted this idea on twitter, and within 2 minutes got a response:

@yishaym Would this search/feed be useful to you:


Yes! thanks – see my new sidebar.

Update 2

@PsiphonInc says:

#Psiphon proxy node for #iranelection http://digg.com/u15jQN No download Just click&surf w/out #censorship

also, see comment about TOR

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June 15, 2009 at 1:13 pm

Microsoft wants to be your digital nanny

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Apparently, DRM is not enough for MS. Ars reports that Microsoft has filed for a patent (patent application 2008/125,102) on technology it feels could address such situations via the use of what the company refers to as a “digital manners policy,” or DMP for short.

Sounds nice, no? Having a chip that temporarily bricks cell-phones in the quiet carriage. But of course, digital manners is the same kind of newspeak as DRM. Just like drm doesn’t protect your rights (it limits them), digital manners defies the whole concept of manners.

Not shooting at your neighbour is a matter of law. Not shouting at him is a matter of manners. The distinction is there for a purpose: some aspects of life are left to your own discretion and good judgement. They are enforced by social convention and peer pressure. Regulating such issues means proclaiming that you are not fit to make those judgements. It is acceptable in a nursery or a psychiatric ward, not on the street.

Digital manner is not about manners at all, its about a company thinking it has the right to dictate how you should behave. I wish I could wave it off as bad manners, but its much worse. It takes digital feudalism to new heights.

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June 12, 2008 at 1:39 pm

The secret to happiness? take a close look at Iceland

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Once again, Iceland tops the happiness charts. And how does it do it? Simple: freedom and equality. In Iceland, its perfectly ok for a woman to have kids, and have a life of her own. Which means, its also perfectly ok for a man to have a family life. Its perfectly ok for parents to trust their kids to full time childcare from infancy. Hey, its their kids – they must know what they’re doing. And its perfectly ok for people to split up if the spark has gone, and still retain their partnership as parents.

You’d think that’s a Icelandic oddity. I mean, hey, its the land of Björk, right? Well, actually, Dutch women don’t get depressed either. Why?

‘Equality is really a determinate for happiness,’ says de Bruin. She believes in the freedom of personal choices, ‘In the Netherlands, we are free to choose our own life. We are free to choose our religion, our own sexual orientation, and who we marry’ and she concludes, ‘All these freedoms make us happy.’

Let me tell you a secret. This is not about feminism. It’s not women’s freedom I’m concerned about, its my own. Equality goes both ways, and so do choice and freedom. If a woman can choose to have a career, a man can choose not to. Or they can choose to both have careers, AND have kids. Happy kids.

I once had a friend, she was a 17 yr old single mum. She could have married the dad, but she chose not too. She also chose to lead a normal, healthy, adventurous 17 yr old life. I asked her if she thought that was good for her kid. She said: the worst thing for child is a frustrated parent. I learnt my first lesson in parenting that day.

Oh, about Iceland? there’s an extra bonus. The economy goes zoooom. Makes sense, when you think of it. If you release another 50% of your cognitive and enterprenoural capacity, something’s gotta come back to you.

By the way, I had a good laugh watching the Guardian struggle with his own prejudices. Precious ‘ol British left. We can have fun with the Vikings, but at the end of the day, mums and babies belong at home.

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June 11, 2008 at 2:16 am

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Free Burma!

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Free Burma!

Can we make a difference? I really don’t know. But can we allow ourselves not to try?

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October 4, 2007 at 1:27 pm