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beat it

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This comes from my homeboy Gil. For the first time in my life, I wish I had an iPhone:

ZooZBeat Lite and ZooZControl Lite now available in the Apple App Store.

ZooZBeat Lite and ZooZControl Lite are both now available for free in the Apple App Store. The full-featured standard versions will be available soon.

ZooZBeat for Nokia N95 series will be available Nov. 15. Reserve a copy at http://www.zoozmobile.com/reserve.html

  • ZooZBeat – a gesture-based mobile musical studio, simple enough for non-musicians to immediately become musically expressive but rich enough for experienced musicians to push the envelope of mobile music creation. Check out videos and read more at http://www.zoozbeat.com/
  • ZooZControl – a mobile application that transforms your iPhone and iPod Touch into a gestural PC game controller. Check out videos and read more at http://www.zoozcontrol.com/

About us:
ZooZMobile is a spin-off from the Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology. Learn more at http://www.zoozmobile.com/about/


Written by yishaym

November 10, 2008 at 6:07 pm

trash mob

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Uri Blau reports for Ha’aretz about a group of 80 or so teenagers who used ICQ and SMS to meet at the mall in Pisgat Ze’ev with the explicit intent of lynching a few Arabs and to scare others away from the mall.

It would have been difficult to choose a more cynical date on which to send out such a message: Wednesday, April 30, the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day. Dozens of boys arrived at the meeting place in the Pisgat Ze’ev shopping mall. They streamed in from all parts of the capital, some on foot, some by bus and some driven in by parents. Equipped with knives, sticks and clubs, they all had one purpose: to do harm to Arabs for being Arabs.

(ht The Traveller Within)

Such an incident says nothing about Israel as a state or as a society. Every human group has its dark elements. As for the tools they used to organise their attrocious initiative – IQC, SMS, Twitter – they are not good nor bad. They can be used to promote human rights as well as they can be used to oppress them.

But the ease of organisation does change the scene: Clay Shirky often mentions flash mobs as an example of the positive impact technology has on the power of people to self-organize. And yes, I agree. Technology empowers individuals and communities. Which means we each, individually and collectively, have a greater responsibility.

We do not need to look to institutions to lead change, we can do it ourself. But we can no longer trust institutions to direct change. Here comes everybody, the good and the bad. There are no inocent by-standers: inaction is complaisance.

have you got your iSerf?

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All hail for the iPhone for turning the mobile market on its head. From now on, the user is king. Gone are the days when carriers defined the market. Now its we, the people, and what we want.


Here’s to Bruce Schneier for telling it like it is:

Buying an iPhone isn’t the same as buying a car or a toaster. Your iPhone comes with a complicated list of rules about what you can and can’t do with it. You can’t install unapproved third-party applications on it. You can’t unlock it and use it with the cellphone carrier of your choice. And Apple is serious about these rules: A software update released in September 2007 erased unauthorized software and — in some cases — rendered unlocked phones unusable.

That’s one of the most beautiful examples of digital feudalism I’ve seen in a long time.

In an open market, i.e. a true capitalist system, you buy it – you own it. Own as in its yours to do with as you please. In a feudal system, you don’t own stuff, you get it on loan from the man. You pay for as long as you use it, and you get punished if you use it other than the way the man tells you.

The difference between empowerment and enslavement is in the ownership of mean of production. In an agrarian society, that’s hoes and fork-picks. In a knowledge society, that’s laptops and mobile phones.

The beauty of the Apply story is that they manage to maintain an image of robin hood, when they’re just as bad a sheriff as the guy next door – only more efficient. And in the meanwhile, Microsoft does the dirty job of painting open-source as a bunch of commies. If you think of it, the only honest capitalist model of software is open source. Just like your garden hoe: no-one can tell you what to dig with it or where.

(digg story)

Written by yishaym

February 7, 2008 at 10:45 am